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Pickwick Porter

Brown porter aka positively perfect!

2 Stage:  No
ABV:  4.9
Color:  25
Final Gravity:  1.008
IBU:  26
Original Gravity:  1.046
Ready In:  4 Weeks
Starter:  No

Park yourself in this popular pub and point the publican to pour you a palate-placating, perfect pint of Pickwick Porter. Now chug three of these and repeat this phrase ten times! Because this delicious, drink-all-day session porter will give your tongue the happy feet, and it'll feel like dancing about your mouth in celebration of the smooth malt character interlaced with a considerable roastiness and highlighted with a chocolaty and a nutty, toffee-like caramel. Yeah, that's right, and with a taste profile like that, it's no doubt your tongue keeps dancing about and chanting, "Percival Pickwick picked a pint of perfect porter!"


Priming Option