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Nut Zippers Indubitably Dark Ale

Toasty, roasty mocha nuts & honey!

ABV:  8.1%
Original Gravity:  1.076
Final Gravity:  1.014
Color:  32
IBU:  31
Ready In:  6 Weeks
2 Stage:  Yes
Starter:  Yes

We hope your lucky number is ten, because this prohibitively dark ale uses ten different malts, and it's making no apologies. Say "indubitably dark" ten times, and you'll feel like you're squirreling away those malts for a rainy day, because when the sun don't shine, you'll gaze upon this murky maelstrom and nod in acknowledgement. And the weak at heart will shudder, "but this beer-it's not classified into a beer style. What should we do? Help me…. Help me!" Get a grip, cream puff, because we don't need our beer to appease some bean-counting, pencil-pushing corporate tool's adherence to beer style! In fact, hurl your BEER JUDGE STYLE GUIDELINES through the open window, and when it lands SPLOP in the mud puddle, you'll kick back in contempt and celebrate with the confluence of confounding flavors disgorging upon your tongue, rewarding your insubordination with malty and toasty roasted nuts, toffee, mocha and honey. Style? We don't need no stinkin' style! Here's your chance to stick it in a most delicious way to the man!


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