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Nuclear Santa Hoppy Red Holiday Ale

Let Santa nuke your taste buds with this yummy hoppy red!

Original Gravity:  1.058
Final Gravity:  1.012
ABV:  6.0%
Color:  16 SRM
IBU:  42
2 Stage:  Optional
Starter:  Optional
Ready In:  5 Weeks

Perhaps you’ve been deluding yourself that Santa makes his world tour with some magic dust, a flick of the reins and a cheerful “Giddyup!”, but the truth is, Santa has fueled his sleigh with a glowing heap of Uranium-235—and he keeps his pint full of this delicious hoppy holiday red ale.  Okay, so perhaps he is operating heavy nuclear machinery under the influence, and perhaps he is hallucinating in a haze of humulone madness from this juicy, hop-bomb flavor explosion of citrus, orange, tropical fruit, lime and pine—but who cares, because what exactly do you think those reindeer are for?  They’re not going to do something stupid like “fly into a tree” and “leave the scene of a crime,” so you can rest assured that good ol’ Santa will make his rounds and fill the stockings of all those good little hop-heads worldwide, and with a clink of his pint, you’ll secretly know what makes Santa’s nose red and drives his cheery, holiday disposition!


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