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Milk'n It Oatmeal & Cream Stout

A Roasty & Creamy Dream Come True!

Original Gravity:  1.060
Final Gravity:  1.016
ABV:  5.7%
Color:  44 SRM
IBU:  20
Ready In:  5 Weeks
Starter:  Optional
2 Stage:  Optional

Have you ever settled down deeply into a hammock or an easy chair where you’ve achieved such a remarkable degrees of comfort (read laziness) that you’ve no choice but to milk the situation for all its worth?  Well then, what could possibly make it better than to do so with a pint of this remarkably delicious oatmeal and cream stout?  After all, in your glass sits a brew with nutty and mocha roastiness and toasty caramel notes that ease into the silken texture of oatmeal and a lavish creaminess which is served with love from the goodness of milk sugar.  So when you hear the spouse call out, “Honey, the puppy just went poop on your laptop,” or “Honey, Junior just blended an entire bottle of ketchup in the high speed blender without the lid on,”—you could honestly care a less—because right now you are lost in such an indulgent state of laziness with this stout in hand that you’ll be milk’n this situation for all its worth!

Brewer's Note: If you would like to turn this beer into a chocolate, oatmeal & cream stout, you may add-on the natural chocolate flavoring below!


Priming Option

Optional Extra Flavoring