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Mile High American Pale Ale

Get high on fresh hops & clean malt!

2 Stage:  Yes
ABV:  5.4
Color:  12
Final Gravity:  1.012
IBU:  38
Original Gravity:  1.053
Ready In:  6 Weeks
Starter:  No

Let your spirits soar to new heights with this classic, American pale ale. For what could be more uplifting than this delicious and astoundingly refreshing amber beauty, with its pleasant malt foundation paving the way for the assertive hop presentation, which tickles your tongue with bright bitterness and fills your nose with the lofty, citrusy character of American-grown Centennial hops. If you can imagine the exuberance of a bald eagle soaring one mile above the snow-capped Rockies, then strap in and indulge yourself with a taste, because your imagination is your only limitation, and you will begin your journey one mile high!


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