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McKilikenny's Irish Stout

Drives you crazy with roasted malt delight!

Original Gravity:  1.049
Final Gravity:  1.012
ABV:  4.9%
Color:  42 SRM
IBU:  34
Ready In:  4 Weeks
2 Stage:  No
Starter:  No

McKilikenny was a bizarre old git with a habit of licking blarney stones, sleeping in a bed of shamrocks, and running madly about the pub.  His claim was that he was chasing some invisible leprechaun, and this behavior was especially pronounced after he’d gulped back a half-dozen pints of this classic Irish stout.  While we’re not saying that a hefty slug of this black beauty will make you see leprechauns, you may indeed see stars—because you’ve just treated your taste buds to a delightful deluge of malted roastiness—but not just any old roastiness.  No, we’re talking mocha and coffee and bittersweet chocolate flavors that light up the senses and make you understand why ol’ McKilikenny went a wee bit crazy after a few pints of this delicious stout.  Fad saol agat. ("Long life to you.")


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