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Life is Beautiful Bi??re de No?

A lusciously dark and delicious holiday reminder that life is beautiful....

Recipe Size::  5 Gallons
Final Gravity:  1.018
Original Gravity:  1.097
ABV:  10.4%
Color:  31 SRM
IBU:  32
Starter:  Yes with liquid yeast
2 Stage:  Optional
Ready In:  10 Weeks

In that black starry night where the silhouettes of the wavering trees whisper in the wind the approach of the winter solstice, occasional snowflakes from some blustery squall dance in that turbulence like the twinkling of the holiday lights reflecting from the seductive curves of your tulip chalice, and through that bewitching black beverage the effervescing bubbles announce their presence with a creamy white head above the rim of your glass.  In an instant you are captivated by that charismatic beverage, and suddenly the madness of life’s frenetic pace melts away with your first sip, where the rich maltiness drifts into deep caramel and toasty grains, leaving a sweet impression while the mind-altering aromas exhibit a balance between a subtle spiciness and the sumptuous fruitiness of raisins, plums and dried cherries, which reminds you in ways impossible to forget that life is beautiful….


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