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Jamaican Gold Ginger Beer

A Ginger Taste of the Islands Mon!

Recipe Size::  5 Gallons
Original Gravity:  1.044
Final Gravity:  1.007
ABV:  4.9%
Color:  6 SRM
IBU:  18
Ready In:  4 Weeks
Starter:  No Mon!
2 Stage:  No Suh!

Ya, mon, come get a taste of di islands wid a big glass of dis deelicious golden beer.  Forget di story about dat raggamuffin who put di lime in di coconut.  No sah, dat foo-fool was fresh off di banana boat an’ dat coconut bonked him on di head!  Dats right, da only ting we be puttin in dat beer is whats bright as di sun an as cool as di surf, and dat is ginger mon!  Yes sah, big tings are waitin’ in dat glass, like di tasty crisp flavor of malt an di lively bubbles risin up in dat golden brew, an when dees bubbles go pop, dey give to yuh nose dat fresh taste of ginger, which is spicy an warm an makes ya tink yuh sittin in da sun wid yuh toes in da sand!  Ya mon, its like yuh in Jamaica, and ya be holdin dat cold beer in yuh hand, an yuh be singin out loud, mi luv yuh!


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