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Hocus Pocus Citra Mosaic IPA

A magical pint of Citra & Mosaic great taste!

Original Gravity:  1.068
Final Gravity:  1.014
ABV:  7.0%
Color:  6 SRM
IBU:  55
Ready In:  6 Weeks
2 Stage:  Optional but helpful
Starter:  Optional but always a good idea!

Dim the lights, wave your hands over that crystal ball, utter those two enchanted words—and wait for the magic to happen….  But hocus and pocus are not the spellbinding words spoken here. We’re talking Citra and Mosaic, and these two magical hops go together like yin and yang, pork chops and applesauce, and bubblegum on the bottom of your shoe!  This deep-golden IPA is like a roll-call of good taste in your glass, with the citrus, lime, grapefruit and passionfruit of Citra frolicing with the fresh pine, blueberry, mango and citrus of Mosaic to massage your tastebuds with a magical melange of deliciousness!  So turn that tarot card and roll them bones of divination, for in your future we see a frosty pint of Citra and Mosaic hocus pocus!


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