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Heady Popper Imperial IPA

Blow your mind with this hop-delusional bottle of bliss! Our Heady Topper Clone Recipe

Original Gravity:  1.074
Final Gravity:  1.014
ABV:  8.0
Color:  7 SRM
IBU:  88
Ready In:  10 Weeks
2 Stage:  Yes
Starter:  Yes

Ah, you breathe deep and relax in your Adirondack chair, admiring your view of Vermont’s Green Mountains, where the late afternoon draws blue shadows across the river valley where the butterflies frolic merrily about the meadow, and HOLD THE PHONE!  Well, Earthy-Crunchy-Boy, you can forget about all that now, because we’ve come to disturb the peace with a hearty swig of this mind-blowing imperial IPA that will blast your Birkenstocks clean across those flowery foothills and pop a hole through your cranium to let the hop vines grow out!  And while you’re scrambling like a zombie to scoop up your scattered brains, contemplate this: each and every one of these beers you drink will contain more hops than you’ll find in an entire 24-pack of Schlub Lite!  That’s right, yet how could something so over-the-top, hop-bomb, cranial-blasting-big be so smooth?  Well, even if you weren’t now “mentally challenged”, you still wouldn’t figure it out, because you’ve fallen victim to the tastefully delicious syndrome known as Heady Popper!


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