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Harvest Moon Maple Wheat

An alluring amber wheat ale with mouth-watering maple!

ABV:  5.2
Original Gravity:  1.051
Final Gravity:  1.012
Color:  11
IBU:  19
Ready In:  5 Weeks
2 Stage:  No
Starter:  No

That late summer sun beams above the bountiful Earth, where the fertile fields of golden wheat waver in the sultry breeze which carries a delicate chill and foretells the approach of the autumn harvest.  And what better a way to celebrate the change of seasons than with a frosty pint of this wholesome amber brew?  In your pint you behold the gifts of this land, with the expression of crisp, lively wheat so deftly balanced by velvety caramel and the amiable taste of maple.  And as the final amber rays bow to night and the breeze carries a subtle chill, you raise your pint to that celestial wonder, toast to the season and indulge your senses with this heavenly brew under the harvest moon.


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