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Happy Jack Caramel Latte Pumpkin Ale

Caramel, pumpkin and latte to get you on your way to happy feet!

Original Gravity:  1.056
Final Gravity:  1.014
ABV:  5.5%
IBU:  20
Color:  8 SRM
Ready In:  5 Weeks
Starter:  No
2 Stage:  No

Well, you’d be happy too if you’d just taken a healthful swig of this velvety smooth amber ale that’s spiced with luscious caramel and pumpkin pie spice and jacked with the richness of latte.  Don’t believe it?  Give it a try.  You see, that tingly sensation making you smile will travel from your head all the way down to the tips of your toes, which may result in inexplicable behavior—such as happy feet—where you feel the obligation to “bust a move” in social situations where such shenanigans are inappropriate, and that, coupled with the fact that you can’t dance to save your life, would cause a hefty degree of embarrassment.  So save yourself the shame and take a hearty slug of this liquid love and put that happiness back on your face where it belongs!

  Brewer's Note: This recipe requires the brewer to supply 5 oz of coffee.



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