FastRack Starter Kit

The FastRack bottling system is the most convenient system to drain, dry and organize bottles.  The FastRack system is superior to every bottle organizing and draining system available today because the FastRack allows the bottles to drain straight down, which allows for fast and complete drying.  Also, the FastRacks may be safely stacked as many as four high, so you can store a lot of bottles in a small space.  When the rack is completely full of dry bottles, you can simply place an empty bottle box over the FastRack, flip it over, and now you've quickly and easily transferred all of the clean, dry bottles back into their case.  Nothing could be simpler!

The starter kit includes 2 racks and 1 tray.

 Each FastRack holds the following number of bottles:

  • (24) 12 oz Beer Bottles
  • (18) 22 oz Beer Bottles
  • (16) Belgian-Style Beer Bottles
  • (14) 750 ml Wine Bottles