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Edelweiss Schwarzbier

Black & silken-malty good!

Recipe Size:  5 Gallons
ABV:  5.2%
Color:  29 SRM
IBU:  24
Original Gravity:  1.054
Final Gravity:  1.014
Ready In:  8 Weeks
Starter:  Yes
2 Stage:  Yes

Time to brush up on your German, feine herr, because this noble dark lager, in its elegant balanced goodness, will leave you tongue tied and twisted and clamoring for more. After all, how often do we treat ourselves to a fermented malt beverage that transcends the trappings of simple beer to become an enigmatic wonder? How so, you ask? It begins in the glass, where from afar it captures you with its black boldness, but examine it under light, and it reveals a startlingly beautiful brunette with deep ruby highlights. If that's not enough, your scarred and calloused tongue anticipates the big roastiness of bulky stout, but instead, your first sip dispels such expectations and rewards you with the smooth and clean lager character accented with subtle sweetness and a gracious, roasty-mocha finish. Edelweiss means white flower, and what better a noble emblem to embody the goodness of your delicious black beer?


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