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Double Dog Dare Ya Double Hop Double IPA

Hey, man, hold my beer and watch this!

Original Gravity:  1.071
Final Gravity:  1.009
ABV:  8.2%
Color:  9 SRM
Recipe Size:  5 Gallons
IBU:  72
Ready In:  7 Weeks
Starter:  A Wise Decision!
2 Stage:  Dude, it's helpful

In the typical context, the phrase “double dog dare ya” is generally proceeded with the reply, “Okay—hold my beer and watch this...,” with the resulting stunt by the male of the species demonstrating a profoundly glorious and remarkably stupid means of removing oneself from the gene pool.  Well, you don’t have to qualify for the Darwin Awards to enjoy an exceptional pint of this do-it-yourself double IPA! Think about it. Without the effort of blowing yourself up, setting yourself on fire or going splat from many creative demonstrations of the great fall, you can pour yourself a frosty pint of this delicious IPA that you’ve built yourself, and with no involvement of high explosives!  That’s right, from the (safety) of your easy chair, you simply pick your two favorite hops, and bam (sorry for the explosion references), you’re enjoying a brew with your most treasured hop flavors and without the risk of dismemberment, disembowelment, or the need to dislodge curious artifices from various bodily orifices. So go ahead you thrill-seeking, beer-drinking daredevil, pour yourself a pint or two of this impetuously crafted IPA.  We dare ya….

Note: Make sure you select your two hops for this double-hop IPA!  Do not select "None" unless you already have hops at home.  If you select "None", the recipe WILL NOT include hops!  And that's a major buzzkill, dude.

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