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Dew Drop Cream Ale

A pint of golden sunshine!

Recipe Size:  5 Gallons
ABV:  4.5%
Color:  3.5 SRM
IBU:  18
Original Gravity:  1.043
Final Gravity:  1.008
Ready In:  4 Weeks
Starter:  No
2 Stage:  No

As refreshing as the morning dew flickering rainbows in the rising sun, this classic American cream ale throws back to the pre-prohibition days when a beer could be both golden and delicious. Many current cream ale incarnations are simply ale versions of the lame-o American lager—but you're a home brewer, and we have too much respect for your craft to subject that mediocrity upon you! Your senses crave flavor, and Dew Drop Cream Ale delivers, with its crisp and clean maltiness properly balanced with an affable, hoppy citrusy finish to ensure your ultimate refreshment. And when the sun burns off that morning dew into a sweltering summer afternoon—and your brow beads with glistening perspiration—simply reach into that ice chest for this amazingly thirst-quenching lawnmower beer!


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