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Depthcharge IPA 1 Gallon Beer Kit

Damn the torpedoes! Depthcharge your taste with this explosive IPA!! — Clone of Sierra Nevada's Torpedo Extra IPA!

Recipe Size:  1 Gallon
ABV:  8.3%
Color:  7 SRM
IBU:  61
Original Gravity:  1.078
Final Gravity:  1.014
Ready In:  7 Weeks

Lurking below you in those turbulent waters of good taste is the clear and present danger of some light-beer-weenie ready to torpedo your taste buds with insipid yellow fizz-beer.  Beware, for the assaults are relentless: “Oh, I drink this because I like their Superbowl commercials,” or  “Oh, I drink this because Skippy in the bar next to me is drinking it, and I can’t think independently enough to stray from the herd,” or “Yes, I eat rice cakes three meals a day, 365 days a year, so indeed, I also want my beer to taste like nothing everytime.”  Enough!  Depthcharge this madness with a hop-fueled counter-assault to burst the hull of the beer weenies lurking below and invigorate your senses with an explosion of flavor that begins with a bold mouthful of rich malt that is subtly softened with clean caramel before being amped to the red line with assertive hop bitterness that is followed by an invigorating dose of Citra hops, which overlay delightful flavors of citrus, lime and passion fruit.  So in this never-ending battle of beer weeniedome, depthcharge the pantywaistes with an explosion of hop flavor to ever ensure your beer drinking adventures will be smooth sailing!