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Decadence Stout

Black, like your fall from grace!

Recipe Size:  5 Gallons
ABV:  7.2%
Color:  44 SRM
IBU:  25
Original Gravity:  1.072
Final Gravity:  1.018
Ready In:  6 Weeks
Starter:  Yes
2 Stage:  Yes

Oh, the sweet, sinful and delicious fall into the temptation elicited by this chocolate, honey, oatmeal, coffee and cream stout! What? Did your ears serve you correctly? Indeed - but do you have the strength to resist being pulled into the dark side when this frothy black temptress invades your pint with its creamy ascent and concludes with a cap of tawny-brown head? Feel your fingers tremble as forces seemingly beyond your control guide your hand to greedily snatch that waiting pint, and the kiss upon your lips will unleash the lustful deluge of flavors upon your palate, blinding your senses with dark chocolate, currants, mocha and velvet creme, leaving you dizzy with the bliss of having surrendered to this decadence!



Note: This recipe requires the brewer to supply 24 oz of unsweetened baker's chocolate and 5 oz of coffee.


Priming Option