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Damned If You Do English Toffee Double Brown Ale

Damned if that ain't an English toffee bar in my brown ale!

Recipe Size:  5 Gallons
ABV:  9.0%
Color:  22 SRM
IBU:  52
Original Gravity:  1.089
Final Gravity:  1.020
Ready In:  8 Weeks
Starter:  Yes
2 Stage:  Yes

We see your dilemma.  Sitting before you is a glass of milk and a frosty goblet of this luscious brown beauty of an ale, with its frothy, dreamy head filling the room with tempting aromas.  And sitting on alternate shoulders is a tiny angel and a sneaky devil whispering instructions in your ears.  The angel says, “My dear sweetheart, do the right thing and choose the milk.  It builds strong bones and keeps you healthy.”  The devil says, “Forget that bitch!  Don’t be a douche bag and choose the ale, you putz!  It’s good for your soul, heh heh heh!!”  Well, we don’t want to bias your decision, but when you consider that in a few short seconds that goblet could be gracing your senses with rich, malty goodness and velvety layers of caramel, biscuits and nutty mocha goodness, all being swaddled kindly with the drool-inducing essence of English toffee, well, you get the point.  So if you think about it, whatever decision you make, you’ll be damned if you do, but we know that like us (burp!), you’ll make the right decision.  Cheers!


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