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Crème de Menthe Holiday Stout

Roasty & refreshing like a cool winter day!

Original Gravity:  1.069
Final Gravity:  1.018
ABV:  6.7%
Color:  45 SRM
IBU:  23
2 Stage:  Optional
Starter:  Optional
Ready In:  6 Weeks

Like a fresh breath of cool winter air, this luscious, creamy stout is everything you could hope for in a winter holiday brew.  Your pint stands tall holding a heady brew that is dark, sweet and full-bodied, and your first sip unravels rich, roasty notes revealing a mouthful of mocha, coffee and cream, which make you feel like you are beholding the perfect stout.  But just when you think this brew could be no better, along comes the finish of creme de menthe, which gives you that minty, refreshing feeling all the way down!  Perfect for those winter and holiday get togethers!


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