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Cold 'n Frosty Blonde Ale

Refreshingly perfect to make your problems disappear!

Recipe Size::  5 Gallons
Original Gravity:  1.047
Final Gravity:  1.008
ABV:  5.1%
Color:  5 SRM
IBU:  24
Ready In:  5 Weeks
Starter:  Nada
2 Stage:  Forget the 2 stage and get yourself a beer!

Let’s admit it.  Sometimes life gets you down.  And just like life is too short to drink crappy beer, life is too short to let the problems of the day weigh you down.  So let’s practice some psychoanalysis techniques—a sort of Rorschach test for real-life issues.  Ready?  Let’s begin:  Okay, so the baby’s leaky diaper has just blasted a god-forbidden biohazard all over the cream colored living room carpet.  So what do you see?  That’s right—a lovely pint of this glorious blonde ale!  Great!  Let’s try again: Oh no, the boss is yelling at you.  What do you see?  At first it looks like a giant flaming asshole, but wait, look closer….  That’s right!  You see this frosty pint reaching your lips, which pacifies your senses with a cold, crisp and clean malty flavor that quenches even the most desperate thirst.  Excellent, you’re doing great!  Okay, final scenario:  Your spouse is screaming at you for not (pick one: doing the dishes, cutting the grass, participating with your spouse in a doily weaving and rice cake tasting class).  What do you see?  Right again!  You see yourself sitting not in divorce court but on a chaise lounge beside the pool appreciating the ever-so-subtle apricot, mango and pine flavors from the Azacca hops.  Guess what?  You passed the test and are certifiably not insane!  So celebrate your sanity by subduing your sobriety with a cold and frosty pint of this problem-solving and soul-satisfying blonde ale!

Optional Ingredient: If you would like to add a citrucy variation to the beer, then choose your favorite citrus peel below!


Priming Option

Citrus Peel (Optional)