CO2 Manifold - 2-Way With 1/4" Barb Shutoffs & Check Valves

A CO2 manifold makes it easy to add more kegs to your home draft system.  Having that extra gas line also makes it easy to hookup a draft bottle filler.
This CO2 manifold begins with a ¼” barbed input leading to two ¼”  barbed shutoff valves.  Each ¼” barbed shutoff valve is equipped with a check valve.  These built in check valves are designed to automatically shut off if the pressure in the keg is higher than the pressure on the gas regulator.  This is an important safety feature to prevent the over-pressurized keg from shooting beer up the gas line and fouling the manifold and regulator.  Please note: lesser expensive manifolds usually do not have the built in check valves.

When using a gas manifold, you'll want to outfit it with only the best accessories.  You may need the additional items listed below: