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Cask o' Shine Bourbon Barrel Porter

Outrageous roasted complexity & bourbon!

Recipe Size:  5 Gallons
ABV:  7.8%
Color:  78 SRM
IBU:  51
Original Gravity:  1.078
Final Gravity:  1.019
Ready In:  8 Weeks
Starter:  Yes
2 Stage:  Yes

On the crest of a blackened eve, you laze on the front porch to the comfort of your rocking chair creaking rhythmically to the sounds of bluegrass breezing through the open window, with the fireflies’ subtle dance conducting the song of spring peepers below in the brook, and the occasional splash of heat lightning illuminates a horizon defined by knobs of ashen silhouettes. And to this rhythm you swirl your snifter of that mystical, charcoal liquid, admiring its lazy sweep along the glass, waiting a moment longer before the ascent to your lips. And suddenly the evening’s flow disappears as your senses are overwhelmed, and you succumb to the onslaught of flavors demanding attention yet granting nirvana. In this singular black liquid you behold the bittersweet, caramel and coffee roastiness orchestrating the crowning release of dark fruits, toasty oak, vanilla and bourbon. With the deep sigh you breathe that could’ve happened a lifetime later, this unbelievable black liquid makes you one with this magical black eve.


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