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Buxbaum Bixby O'Bray Black IPA

Black, bitter, bubbly & beautiful!

Recipe Size:  5 Gallons
ABV:  7.7%
Color:  32 SRM
IBU:  69
Original Gravity:  1.074
Final Gravity:  1.015
Ready In:  6 Weeks
Starter:  Yes
2 Stage:  Yes

Almost as much fun to say as it is to brew, your brow will be perspiring with anticipation as the first black torrents cascade into your pint, rousing a swirling tan head that fills the room with the hoppy bouquet of citrus and pine, and like a bloodhound is drawn to a scent, your nose is drawn to that pint where you marvel at that aroma before your first sip—but wait! Your eyes will be blinking in utter disbelief as you behold the blackness for one final moment before your willpower collapses, and now your quivering lips part to pass that ambrosial black liquid, and now everything fades to black as your eyes roll in ecstasy, and your tongue delights in the flavors of velvety malt, mocha and coffee, which tapers into an effortless bitterness to seal the deal. We caution you not to overwhelm your senses—have a seat when you drink this one.


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