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Burton Union ESB

Malty-bitter balance & floral hops!

Recipe Size:  5 Gallons
ABV:  5.4%
Color:  14 SRM
IBU:  27
Original Gravity:  1.053
Final Gravity:  1.012
Ready In:  6 Weeks
Starter:  No
2 Stage:  No

In the classic English brewing city of Burton upon Trent, an unusual fermentation technique developed whereby the brewers recirculated their fermenting beers through a series of connected casks which came to be called the Burton Union, and it was through these unions that each brewery's yeast evolved to produce its own unique house character. This classic, award-winning Extra Special Bitter pays homage to the spirit of the Burton brewers, showcasing its malt complexity against the backdrop of balanced bitterness and a mineral dryness, and finishing with a pleasant fruity-earthy hop character.


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