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Bottoms Up! American Session Pale Ale

So refreshingly drinkable, you'll exclaim, "Oh look Honey - heh heh, the glass just emptied itself!"

Original Gravity:  1.036
Final Gravity:  1.008
ABV:  3.6%
Color:  5 SRM
IBU:  27
Ready In:  4 Weeks
Starter:  No
2 Stage:  Yes

We don’t care what your saying is.  Bottoms up!  Cheers!  Down the hatch!  The end result will be the same.  You came into this world with two hands, so wouldn’t it be a travesty against nature if each of those hands wasn’t grasping a pint of this utterly thirst quenching session pale ale?  That’s right, we said it.  Session pale ale.  Think about it.  You’re thirsty as hell and you’re craving copious quantities of condensation-forming ice cold beer slugging in greedy gurgling gulps down your gullet.  Well, at a kindly 3.6% alcohol, you can go absolutely apeshit pounding down pint after pint of this hop bomb pale ale with its bountiful bouquet of floral, citrusy and piney hops dancing among the bubbles of this crisp malt brew.  So hoist a cold one or five, because this session can only end in hop-haze-induced happiness!


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