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All the Rage Session Saison

The raging lunatic style of all day drinking saison!

Original Gravity:  1.037
Final Gravity:  1.004
ABV:  4.3%
IBU:  17
Color:  7 SRM
Ready In:  5 Weeks
Starter:  No
2 Stage:  No

A nightmare-inspired lesson in insanity: On a blisteringly hot afternoon, you sit at an outdoor cafe and this utterly alluring pale-orange session saison appears in a glass on the table before you.  You lick your lips.  At 4.3% alcohol, you know you can drink this beer all day long.  The sun beats relentlessly upon your head and thirst swells in the back of your throat like sand dunes rising in the parched desert. You reach for that condensation-riddled glass but something is wrong.  You can’t move.  What little breeze blows beneath that scalding sun draws to your nose the lovely bouquet of citrus-kissed fruitiness and tickling peppery spiciness.  The more you struggle, the heavier your invisible restraints become as your tongue can practically feel the animated effervescence of the dancing bubbles and the soul-quenching crispness of the light malt so heart-breakingly accented by a lemon-fruitiness.  Like being engulfed in quicksand, you know the more you struggle the faster you’ll sink, but with this siren of a brew charming you with relentless temptation, you swallow the inevitability of your descent into the insanity of a raging lunatic!


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