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All That Glitters Lemon-Centennial Spring Ale

A lusciously lemon dance with a citrusy blonde ale!

ABV:  5.1%
Color:  6 SRM
IBU:  19
Original Gravity:  1.051
Final Gravity:  1.012
Ready In:  5 Weeks
2 Stage:  No
Starter:  No
Recipe Size:  5 Gallons

As you close your eyes in the whispering wind and smile at that golden sun warming your uplifted face, you can feel those echos of laughter welling from within like the diminutive dance of those rising bubbles that are shimmering in the revitalizing rays.  For in that pint before you glimmers a golden ale born from the very essence of spring, with its crisp and clean maltiness animated by rich effervescence, which rises above your glass and fills your senses with the lovely citrus of centennial hops so effortlessly enveloped in lemon.  But before you open your eyes beneath that brilliant orb that shines white light, if your thoughts should ramble and it makes you wonder, your first sip will dispel doubt, and you’ll be sure all that glitters is gold.


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