Ahtanum Hop Pellets - 1 oz

Citrusy, zesty, delicious and unpronounceable!

Alpha Acid %:  5.2

Perhaps a better name for this wonderful variety would’ve been “Unobtanium”, because we could at least pronounce it, but tongue-twisting aside, Ahtanum is an excellent flavor and aroma hop for American-style ales.  It has often been described as Cascade-alike, but it is by no means a clone.  It does sport a zesty, citrusy and floral character but without the trademark grapefruitiness of Cascade.  It’s an excellent late-boil hop addition to pale ales, IPAs, amber ales and American brown ales, and the tempting citrusy-floral character comes through nicely from dry-hopping.  And just in case you’re wondering, this seemingly unpronounceable hop takes its name from the Ahtanum growing region in Yakima County, Washington.