Using Sulfites for Cleaning and Sanitization

Treating Corks Before Bottling

  1. Rinse corks in water to remove cork dust.
  2. Soak corks in a solution containing 1/2 tsp. sulfite per 8 oz water (room temperature). Soak for 30 minutes.
    Tip: to prevent the corks from floating in the sulfite solution, place the corks and sulfite solution in a large zip-lock back. Squeeze out the air.
  3. After soaking the corks for 30 minutes, drain the sulfite solution. Do not rinse the corks.
  4. If you experience difficulty inserting the corks into the bottles, lubricate the corker with wine finishing formula (winery-grade glycerin).

Using Sulfites for Sanitization

  1. Rinse clean equipment (carboys & buckets) with a solution containing 1/2 tsp. sulfite per 8 oz water.
    Note: If your equipment is not already clean, then soak in a B-Brite solution for at least 30 minutes. If equipment is heavily soiled, then soak overnight.
  2. fter rinsing equipment with the sulfite solution, do not rinse with water.
  3. Before bottling wine, rinse clean bottles with a double strength sulfite solution (1 tsp. sulfite per 8 oz water). Do not rinse.