Baking Beer Bottles for Sterilization

Many home brewers don't realize it, but beer bottles can be oven-baked for easy sanitization. In fact, the bottles are more than just sanitized – they are sterilized. As a further advantage, the bottles may be baked in advance and then used at any time in the future, and they will remain sterile. The only time you spend is loading the oven. In other words, you've reduced the chore of cleaning bottles to the mere five minutes required to fill the oven. What could be easier!

Bottle Baking Instructions

  1. Cover each bottle top with a small piece of aluminum foil (for example, a 2" x 2" square.)
  2. Place the bottles upright on the oven's bottom shelf.
  3. Bake at 350° F for 90 minutes. Allow bottles to cool naturally, such as overnight.
  4. If you will not be filling the bottles immediately, place them back in their cardboard cases. As long as the aluminum foil remains intact, the bottles will remain sterile indefinitely - ready to use whenever you are ready to bottle.
  5. At bottling time, simply remove the foil and fill the bottle. No sanitizers or rinsing is necessary.